Monday, March 30, 2009

Conservatives looking for a home

A group I recently joined, The Homeless Cons , is making a little bit of news.


Blame Crash said...

Does that mean you're "outta here?"
I'm sure their would be many who would be okay with that.

I do think the name is quite appropriate. Especially the "cons" part. It's obviously not an abbreviation for Conservative's.
More like an apt description.

Platty said...

So, you will be leaving the Blogging Tories site then Gerry?

He asked hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I won't be joining ay web site discussion groups to complain or what-not. I've pretty much made up my mind I just won't bother to vote next time around. I just don't care anymore. There's no point. It doesn't make a bit of difference.

It won't matter much because the blue-Liberal/"conservative" candy ass that's in my riding will get elected anyway. But hey, at least I know I didn't HELP that dick.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Blame Crash" and "Platty", why don't you stick to reading the official "Conservative Party" web site. This blog is for people who can discriminate the crucial difference between pragmatism and principle. Go lap up the party drivel and wave your Harper banners!