Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post-Harper Tories

Check out a column I wrote which appears in today's National Post.

I look at the burning question of what happens to the Conservative Party after Prime Minister Stephen Harper decides to pack it in.


h.e. said...

Reminds me of an article titled "TORY, NDP MERGER MAKES MORE SENSE" that was published in The Winnipeg Sun - 2003.10.05 - in their Editorial/Opinion section, page 246 C3, written by Tom Brodbeck.

There should be no surprises to what we're seeing as a result right now, or will see in the future...

Anonymous said...

I think what you wrote in the NP is pure conjecture. I have no idea why you diss Harper but I'm sure there is a personal dislike involved - a dislike which colours your dialogue.

There is no way you or anybody else can know what will happen to the party when Harper moves on with his life - none of us is psychic and none of us can predict the future.

As for what is happening within the party, I think that is also conjecture - if you're not on the inside (and you certainly are not), then you cannot know for sure.

I think you're just trying to stir the pot.

Platty said...

How about you do a column on what would happen to a Post-Nicholls Blogging Tories site?

Actually, why don't you just show us?


Anonymous said...

Watch out Gerry, the Harper drones are starting to cry again.

The members of this sad little cult of "Harperites" tend to lash out with baseless indignation whenever their "Grand Poobah" is scrtutinized.

In a way we can't blame Harper too much. What motive is there for him to change when these buffoons will lap up everything coming from the PMO?