Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like I Care

Is this supposed to make me upset?


Raphael Alexander said...

It makes sense to an egomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he resigned.

Maybe he was ASKED to resign.

Either way, it doesn't matter. He's not a power player anymore. There's no point in paying someone a load of cash to sit around & bitch. Readers can get better stuff onthe internet from someone who ACTUALLY *IS* KNOWLEDGEABLE about the specific topic.

I find it interesting that Shiela Copps (also a former Chretien supporter left out in the cold) suddenly and unexpectedly "decided to resign" from column writing for the SUN.

Sounds like newspapers are cutting loose some rather expensive dead wood.

Anonymous said...

Jounalists/political hack columnists love to believe they are well informed about everything but really they are no better informed than anyone else except in the own, narrow little slice of "expertise".

Once that area is made irrelevant (like Chretien era politics)

Then they've got nothing. Buh bye Warren.

I hope your new anonymity torments you as much as I believe it's going to.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and so many people would be upset if you quit? Besides, I don't think Kinsella or any other person cares if you care or not.

Funny, most people don't know who the hell you are?

A celebrity wannabe who says look mummmy I'm going to be on TV - or a talk show.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, and so many . . . talk show.

**W ! - THE ! - F ! ???**

Read the postings before you open your yap you friggin twit.

Your response was insipid, shallow, & child-like. DO try to actually have something to SAY when you speak.

The reason nobody should give a sh&t about Kinsella's departure is because the only reason anybody gave him any attention was because, supposedly he was a big player in Chretien circles.

Well, guess what? That drooling, stroke victim, senile old crook is gone and his remaing supporters are leaving public life in droves.

So basically, Warren's little claim to fame is gone, vanished, DONE FOR.

So long Kinsella.

Brian said...

Sounds like an opening for an enterprising writer. Wonder who could fill it.

Truth be told, Kinsella was interesting in the Post at first - hasn't been for a long time now though.

zolton said...

The national post like the Sun franchise are loosing money hand over fist. People ain't buying into garbage, hence why the standard was shut down!
You can't even give away the Sun where I live!
The columnists lie and omit understandings becuase of a political will.
They have no responsibility to the people they coerce and manipulate but owe their alliances to big corporate money!
Isn't the media supposed to hold the government and industry accountable?
Not just certain governments that don't support their crazy ideologies?
When you guys start looking past your own emotional sensationalism you might be able to work within the arena of reason.
It just will probably take your families a couple hundred years of evolution in the mind to see that your being manipulated with fear and anger!
Why is that?
A: cause you don't have any valid things to believe in just a passionate belief in bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like zolton cares.

Miles Lunn said...

I think it is good to get some diversity in opinions. And never mind, Warren Kinsella hated Paul Martin just as much as most conservatives did and I am sure he was just as happy as most conservatives to see him lose the election. Sure it may have been for different reasons, but his blogs and columns went after Paul Martin just as much as any conservative did and never mind they were very effective too.