Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Dying Breed

So Fidel Castro has decided to retire.

That means the only political leaders left in the world still espousing old-fashioned Stalinist socialism are North Korea's Kim Jong-il , Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Toronto's David Miller.

Also, I wonder if Castro will retire to Florida?

And if he does, will he float there in a raft?


zolton said...

Yeah how dare somebody fight for the rights of his people!
I think most Canadians look up to Castro, They look down on Harper and bush!

Miles Lunn said...

Zolton - It is probably true Castro is more popular than Bush in Canada, but that really doesn't say much. The reality, is he is not loved in Canada and many simply like him because he stood up to the United States. That doesn't mean they would support Canada becoming a communist country. And for those using the health care argument, every Western democracy besides the United States has universal health care so you don't need to be a communist state to have it.

I despise Bush with a passion, but I despise Castro too. I dislike extremism on either the right or the left and for me Bush is too right wing and Castro is too left wing.