Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Harper Cult

I am quoted in this Toronto Star analysis piece entitled, "The Cult of Harper."


Greg said...

Beware Gerry, I suspect you will be getting many visits from the cultists in this comments section.

Mé said...

The problem with Harper is that he is a one-man show. All MPs, cabinet ministers, and the public service need his permission to say anything to the media. Harper does not seem to trust the people around him--especially the ones who support him. That seems like a sign of a cult leader. If Harper can't trust Canadians, why should Canadians trust Harper in the next election?

Harper does have good talented people in the cabinet and his party MPs. Why not use them?

I won't be voting for Harper Jong Il unless I am forced by the "Dear Leader."

Anonymous said...

Anything for a soapbox, eh, Gerry?

Anonymous said...

Keep reminding everyone you are in the media Gerry. It just reminds us of how irrelevant you are, while your former colleague continues to "Get 'er done!"

Anonymous said...

I should have read the piece first.
Regardless, I couldn't get past the first couple of paragraphs of her tripe.
It must be a sad existence to be thrilled to have a no-mind, partisan hack like Susan Delacourt quote you.

Anonymous said...

I don't care that he's a one-man show. I prefer it in a leader actually.

I'd rather a control-freak than MPs with loose lips.

Anonymous said...

"Hey everybody name in print again..yay me!"

Wow, quoted in the Star by Susan Delacourt. You have truly made it!

Maybe Jim Travers will ask you to go golfing.

I should show some sympathy though. Getting called to the carpet by Mr Harper must have been very traumatic for someone with an ego as fragile as yours.

A Cultist.

nbt said...

Dictatorial in nature, unapproachable, a socialist economic agenda. Why doesn't the Star just get it over with and call him Fidel Harper.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before - another case of I want lots of attention - look mummy I'm quoted in the paper.

This is getting sadder all the time.

Flavrflav said...

As "greg" predicted in the first post, any criticism of Harper inevitably brings out silly comments from throngs of mindless Harper automatons.

There's something very satisfying about pushing their buttons. Keep up the pressure Gerry.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't such a biased piece it would have been remarkable.

So do you really miss the Martin-Cretien days Gerry?

A Canadian