Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Who Needs Principles?

Kathy Shaidle has an excellent column in the National Post today exposing the Conservative Party's cowardice when it comes to defending free speech.

It's all about that "talking points" memo making the rounds of the blogosphere, which instructs Tory MPs to essentially change the subject when confronted with questions concerning Ezra Levant's battle with Human Rights Commission bureaucrats

As Shaidle writes, "too bad the PMO's response to citizens' concerns about the erosion of their free speech rights is to issue a (secret) document, telling our elected representatives to keep quiet or change the subject."

But why is anybody surprised?

This government has consistently refused to defend free expression.

Recall in the days when he led a national advocacy organization, Prime Minister Stephen Harper vehemently opposed election gag laws. Now as Prime Minister he has done nothing to reform or scrap these undemocratic laws.

Even worse, he has actually enacted his own gag law which limits what individuals can contribute to political parties.

I guess defending individual freedom is just another of those conservative principles which needed to be jettisoned in order to win power.

And winning power is what its really all about, right?

Much better that Conservatives take away our freedoms, rather than those nasty Liberals.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell is superman when he is needed most?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time conservative bloggers started getting after Harper for his blatant cowardice in the face of these totalitarian bodies. Stand up for Canada Stephen!

Anonymous said...

William (no blogger account) says..

Are you daft?

Do you honestly believe, Harper and the conservatives will get a fair and unbiased hearing from our
oh-so-unbiased MsM in regards to re-writing Canadas HRC laws...?

If you do...I have some realestate in Florida you might be interested in..get with the program man.

It isn't about attaining power at any's about hanging on to what we have, and when the time is right propose changes, we can all live with.
Right now the deck is stacked in favour of the Kinsellas and Libs.
I'm tired of being labeled a Nazi by the left, and you and Kathy and quite a few others aren't helping the cause...!

Wake up man.

Anonymous said...

So William you think its ok for the CHRC to go after Mark Steyn for writing a book? Hey, what about freedom, man?

Anonymous said...

William says...

Ah...Annon.7 is it?

Exactly where in my post do I put
down freedom..?

I back Steyn and Levant 100%, and
they are doing very well in their
respective fights.

What we're talking about here is
whether or NOT, during a very
likely comming election, should we
try to debate changes to HRC

Seeing as how the Kinsella types
here in Canada, practically own
all of the main stream media,
and since Kinsella has already
tried to label any discussion
about changes to the HRC act, the action of Nazis...
they own the messenger(media),
therefore they control the message.

...I think its a bad idea...

We will never get a fair hearing
on this, and especially during an

We will, get the changes we want,
but its a slow process.
Our PM Stephen Harper is a pretty
good strategist, believe me, he
hears us.
Once we have a majority, after a
full and proper debate, then we
can drop section 13 from the HRC
act, thats how parliment is
supposed to work.

Anonymous said...

Still bitter Gerry? Mr. Harper is Prime Minister and you have to pimp yourself out every time you get a media message.
Right now this is not the biggest issue facing most Canadians. Other than bloggers it isn't on very many people's radar.
Let it resolve itself.
Or take a so-called 'principled' stand and get hammered by the media regardless of principle and watch your opponents waltz to an easy electoral victory.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem. Mr. Harper hasn't resolved it fast enough. He should just snap his fingers.

Raphael Alexander said...

Right now the deck is stacked in favour of the Kinsellas and Libs.
I'm tired of being labeled a Nazi by the left, and you and Kathy and quite a few others aren't helping the cause...!

Exactly. And Kathy Shaidle is five feet closer to making Harper look like he enjoys their company. Best to shun this until a majority.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... The question is- is it the correct role of the state to attempt to force considerate, respectful people? Or, are these values which are rightly the responsibility of ourselves as free citizens?

Janet said...

When it comes to protecting Canadian rights, political popularity should take a back seat. Shame on everyone backing any politician in their decision to remain silent on this.

All that is required for evil to conquer is that good men do nothing.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Good men (and women) do nothing, because socialist philosophy has trained us to sit back and wait for government to do something.