Thursday, February 28, 2008

Austrian Quiz

Are you an Austrian?

And by that I don't mean are you from Vienna; I mean do you subscribe to the economic theories made famous by Austrians like Ludwig von Mises?

Well if you don't know, here's a way to find out.

All you need do is take this Are You an Austrian Quiz, created by the Ludwig von Mises Society.

Warning: This is not your typical Internet quiz.


Charles said...

I scored 84% with the remainder being in line with the Chicago school. Does this mean I win because I am a strong capitalist or does it mean the school system failed because I didn't answer the questions with the socialist option?

r a said...

I got 80% (17 Austrians, 5 Chicagos, 2 Keynes and 1 socialist). But that's still a lot better than I imagine our PM or Finance Minister would score. Tough quiz, but then that's the kind of old-fashioned, demanding kind of material we like

Anonymous said...

I scored 60 not having an idea of what "Austrian" really was.

I thought the socialsit questions were generally worded to be a right-off. They were easy not to pick.