Thursday, February 21, 2008

Corcoran Slams Carbon Tax

Check out Financial Post editor Terence Corcoran's neat dissection of British Columbia's plan to impose a "carbon tax".

Calling it a "PR scam" and a "sham", Corocoran predicts the carbon tax will do little, if anything, to reduce greenhouse gas emission, but will lead to higher taxes in the future.

Yet, carbon taxes will probably be all the rage in this country, as politicians scramble to prove their "greeness".

And the greener our politicians get, the poorer we will get.


Mike said...

Yeah.. darn those pinkos for reducing corporate income taxes. What are they thinking?

When did the Canadian right become so anti-supply side?

zolton said...

Poorer oh shucks we live in one of the most richest countries in the world!
Yeah lets not do our part to keep the planet alive. The same planet thaat SUSTAINS HUMAN LIFE alive!
No I would rather be dead buried next to a million dollars while our species goes extinct.
Let mankind evolve in a direction using our head not our penis!

Matt said...

I have to (partially) disagree with you here Gerry. I concede the point that a carbon tax will have little effect, but if income taxes are cut by the same amount it's policy with a small upside that plays well politically.

I think steps like this are what Harper should be doing.

Oh yeah, and stop thinking with your penis.

Miles Lunn said...

It might not do everything, but it is a start. And I don't think it is totally a left wing idea as taxes overall will not go up and rather than involving more regulation it puts a price on pollution and lets the market take care of the rest.

I should also note the BC Liberals can hardly be called a left wing party. The party is rather centre-right, as they are committed to lower taxes, balanced budgets, and free enterprise, but they are not rigid ideologues. In fact one of the things I like about Gordon Campbell is he has shown himself to be a pragmatists unlike some previous BC politicians, especially those in the NDP who have been quite rigid in ideology. Many people when he first got elected said he couldn't reduced taxes and balance the budget, yet he did. And many said his cuts would be devastating to BC, yet BC has a lower unemployment and higher standard of living than we he came in, so I believe this will make somewhat of a difference and is a step in the right direction.

H.E. said...

Gas bars on aboriginal reservations will become as popular as "smoke shacks" and on-reserve coffee shops! Social Engineering 101.