Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter Election

Rumour has it the federal Liberals will try and force an election in February.

The idea is they will want to take on the Conservatives before the government has a chance to unveil yet another goody-stuffed budget.

For their part, the Conservatives also probably wouldn't mind having an election sooner rather than later.

Better to go to the polls, after all, before a public inquiry turns up any dirt on the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.

Me, I hope we do have an election in the next few months. Would love to see all those politicians trudging through the ice and snow begging for our votes in sub-zero temperatures.

Yeah, I'm a cruel guy.


nbt said...

I heard someone in the conservative camp say that it was better for them to force an election in the winter. Their reasoning? Limosine liberals don't like the cold.

Plus, I have a feeling you'd really have to like your guy to trudge around in the slush, ice and snow for him. Not sure that there are a lot of Liberals who would give up their tv time by the fireplace for Dion? just sayin.

Dave Hodson said...

But Liberals have been constantly telling us that Canadians don't want an election? Hence, the reason for sitting on their hands at every confidence vote.

Are they saying that Canadians now want an election, or just that Liberals want one in February, and Liberal wants are more important than the wants of Canadians (who Liberals claim to be so in tune with).

Anonymous said...

Of course! Force a scandal then try to reap some political rewards before the public has any of the useful information!

This would be very typical!

Here's the other question that I would like to see answered in the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.

Why did Chretien's government pay out $2.1 million Canadian tax dollars and leave this issue to lie for so long?

Throw 'em all up on the stand and let's get some real answers.

Bringing back the Powercorp goons and now this would prove that Liberals are more interested in Liberals than good governance.

Perhaps that goes without saying for all current political parties in Canada.

Let's hope that it is a very cold snap during the campaign

kursk said...

I think Stephen Harper is interested in good governance..perhaps we have been so jaded by un /non principled politicians (*cough* Martin *cough*)that we don't see when a leader can be altruistic in his motives..sure he is partisan, but sometimes you have to be to cut through the decades of excrement left by the liberals

Anonymous said...

OK, Liberanos!

It's now obvious to me that you have not really changed at all!

We just threw one thin skinned, cry baby Dion out of Halifax so just give us a shot at a second chance to do the same again, please.

Seeing Chretien and Mulroney so much in the press has acutely reminded me that while Harper is far from perfect, he is way better than many.


Anything But Carrot Dion, eh?

PS. Rene Angelil, sorry if our freedom of the press and expression in Halifax hurt your "feelings." Next time, stuff a few million of your gambling losses in your ears so you don't have to listen!

Janet said...

The kool-aid will give them the energy to persevere through those cold afternoons of canvassing.

Anonymous said...

if canadians are so stupid that they think mulroney has any bearing on todays gov they should all just stay the hell home and collect the liberal welfare cheques. man i am sick of stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "cool," did you hear that Chretien was recently quoted as saying that Canada is not as cool today as under the Liberals?

lol...Yes, if he means that elected officials no longer hang out in international locales with non-elected celebrities and pass out manilla envelopes in Quebec then he's right.

I cannot wait for the celebrity studded, official fund-raising gala in Ottawa to celebrate how down with the common people that the Liberals are.