Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Property Rights

My friend Rolf Penner recently had an excellent piece in the Financial Post on the erosion of property rights in Manitoba.

Check it out.


NB taxpayer said...

Thx for the heads up. Great article by Penner btw.

Bruce Randall said...

What does one expect in a province run by socialists/communists?

A glaring example of why property rights must become entrenched in the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

While getting property rights in the constitution is a good start I think the article also points out that that in and of itself is not enough. We need them worked into legislation for all three levels of government.

Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting Manitoba fact.

In 2008, Manitoba will recive 15% of all equalization payments in Canada.

More than the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia combined!

Still only a pittance compared to the $7.5 Billion CPC annual pay off to Quebec nationalists, however.

Miles Lunn said...

Did he get compensated for the land taken and what was the compensation. My understanding is property rights in the constitution only ensures that those who have land expropriated are fairly compensated for it, not that it cannot be expropriated. Off course governments should be reasonable in terms of when they do expropriate it, and they should give full compensation for the property at market value, not the price the property was purchased for.