Monday, November 26, 2007

CTF Exposes Tory Waste

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is doing an excellent job of keeping tabs on federal government waste.

Today, for instance, the watchdog group released its "Top 100 Tory Handouts".

Some Lowlights:

* Pratt & Whitney Canada received two handouts one for $213-million and second for $137-million.

* $47.5 million went to the Mont Tremblant ski resort.

* $27 million got doled out for a soccer stadium in Toronto.

* Alcan pocketed $19.1-million.

The Liberals used to dish out this kind of money too. I guess in politics the more things change, the more they stay the same.

That's too bad.


Anonymous said...

Your bitterness is so cute!

Anonymous said...

A ton of money for Quebec. Quelle suprise!

barbs said...

Gerry - You need to go and read the post by OMMAG!

Anonymous said...

Did it include the $2.3 Billion annual raise to Quebec's coffers in Federal budget 2007?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2:

One of these days, the 2 million or so Quebec nationalists could push the manilla envelope too far.

I can easily foresee a day when a future threat to leave might be responded to with, "Madam, allow me to hold the door for you."

nbt said...

How about Atlantic Beef Products Inc.? A federal initiative created to win votes on the island and retain the four seats there in 2004.

Oh btw, for those individuals who believe in regional subsidies and development in Atlantic Canada, they should think again as it's [ABPI] losing money at a clip of $250,000 a month (an improvement from earlier monthly losses of $500,000). Which is why I'm surprised that the feds [ACOA] are considering another bail out for this failed entity to the tune of $5 million? Don't conservatives believe in the principles of free enterprise anymore?

Anonymous said...

Good job by the CTF! Hats off to you, and well done!

Hope that you all noticed that among those 100 listed expenditures, there was only one ACOA grant to a company in New Brunswick.

I always thought that we were supposed to be the money grubbing Red Tories!


Concerned in Halifax

Anonymous said...


Say what you want about ACOA!

We both probably already know that it is a fairly useless scheme that produces non-competitive, non-viable companies, and any employment opportunities created tend to be transient at best.

However, this list published by the CTF suggests to me that something like ACOA is now functioning at a national level, and the expenditures in other regions are far greater.

Things are worse than I could have even imagined!!!

Anonymous said...


After further analysis of that list, no, it does not appear that conservatives believe in free enterprise anymore.

However, corporate welfare to Quebec, Ontario and Alberta seems to be another story!

Maybe, it's time that Atlantic Canada consider cutting off their pogey?

Anonymous said...

Think of how much more money there could be in Canadians' pockets if it wasn't for this corporate welfare nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Wow - did you extrapolate how much of this is for Aboriginal "grants". Yikes. Is that on top of the $10 BILLION?

Also, would be an interesting breakdown to see how much of this is international aid.

Anonymous said...


This was also news to me!

Between the corporate welfare to Ontario and Quebec, the aboriginal grants to the West and North, and International Aid, it looks like Atlantic Canada is actually a minor player when it comes to government handouts.

Who knew?

No wonder Williams in Newfoundland is talking about separating -- his province isn't getting any of the goods!