Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Mulroney Affair

Not surprisingly, the Liberals are licking their chops over the latest allegations concerning former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

But I wonder how much political mileage they will get out of this? First off, we are talking about stuff that happened a long, long time ago, and second off, juicy political scandals are the ones where politicians enrich (or appear to enrich) themselves at the expense of the taxpayer.

That's what made the Adscam Scandal such an outrage: the politicians were using our money to fatten the wallets of their buddies.

So far as I can tell, the Mulroney affair lacks such an ingredient.

Still I bet Prime Minister Harper now regrets all those words of praise he has heaped on Mulroney. I know I cringed every time Harper-- in a blatant desire to please Red Tories -- extolled Mulroney's virtues.

In my view, Mulroney was nothing but a crass, political opportunist.


Bruce Randall said...

What I find curious is the fact that a or some bureaucrats in the PCO decided that Schreiber's letter shouldn't be forwarded to the PMO two months ago.

Who is/are the bureaucrat(s) involved?

I also find it curious that the Liberals have MP Mark Holland acting as pitbull on this matter.

Was it not him and MP marlene Jennings who found those boxes of Conservative documents in the Opposition offices, that were marked with labels for transfer to the government offices, and decided to hold on to them for months before parading them in front of the media?

Probably just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

If this becomes a problem it is only because conservatives have not done their job. I advised for a complete and thorough witch hunt to be done on Martin and Chretien's liberals when conservatives took over and what have we gotten to date? Porridge. I'm guessing the trail to the top can be found and they wanted a coverup?
(real conservative)

Bruce Randall said...

PM Harper warned the Liberals, did they really want to give him the power to investigate previous governments?

It seems now that it is the PM's option to look into Martin's CSL contracts while he was Finance Minister and where would one start with Chretien?

There are many sitting Liberals who were part those thirteen dark scandal ridden years.

Waterlooney Clayt said...

Good call Bruce! What ever happenened to Mr Holland and Ms Jennings anyway. I seem to recall the matter was referred to the speaker but I don't remember any response. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Let the real war against prior government corruption officially begin!

It's hard not to welcome these developments -- I have always wondered what happens to all of our tax dollars that go to Ottawa.

Maybe, now we can all start to get an inkling.

However, Mulroney stopped being the Canadian PM in 1993. Stephen Harper quit the PC party well before that, and has been in the Reform party, the Alliance and now the CPC since.

Thus, it seems to be a little bit of a stretch to officially tie Harper and Mulroney together other than Harper was recently gracious in describing a senior citizen.

Still the Liberal media in Canada is certainly going to use this for all it is worth. You know who they are. This is the same media that always put the Auditor General's reports during the reign of Jean Chretien on page C24.

The folks at the Toronto Star must be frothing at the mouth...

Anonymous said...

By the way, Gerry...

I do wish that you would stop using the term, "Red Tories" like they suffer from some sort of disease or something.

The CPC certainly needs all hands on deck, and beggers can't really be choosers.

Say the pledge again, Gerry.

"All Tories good, Liberals bad!"

It amazes me that Dalton and Jean can get a meeting quickly scheduled with the PM when they whine, but a "Red Tory" like Danny Williams cannot.

By the way, Mulroney's real problems don't have anything to do with the fact that he is alledgedly a "Red Tory."

Anonymous said...

Harper's not a stupid man. I predict he'll take this opportunity to fire back and the Liberals via an inquest that would include Martin and Chretien...oh, to hear Kinsella spin that would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Mulroney damaged the Conservative party enough already?

If the guy really thinks that he was Canada's greatest Prime Minister, couldn't he just keep that fact to himself?

Why was Harper even listening to this guy if Harper is so smart?

Why did Chretien's government pay a settlement of 2.1 million to Mulroney to drop his case against the Federal Government?

A full inquiry is the only way to clean the air in this case.

One question that also needs to be answered is why is Quebec always the centre of serious Federal political corruption controversies in Canada?

Bruce Randall said...

The records of Schreiber's visitors and the people who have had communications with him while in custody awaiting extadition to Germany will expose the Lie-beral's, yet again, for what they are.