Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Squeamish Star

I must stop blogging about stupid Toronto Star editorials, or else this blog would be about nothing else.

So this will be my last Star-bashing post. (Yeah sure).

Anyway, today the Star lashes out against the latest Conservative "attack ads" targeting Liberal leader Stephan Dion.

"With this latest ad" writes the Star, "Harper has again revealed a nasty side to his personality that raises questions about his ability to set a positive tone for Canada. Partisan politics is a rough-and-tumble business. But Canadians rightly expect their political leaders to take a relatively civil and constructive tone, particularly when there is no election taking place. For Harper, though, playing dirty is his preferred style, in sharp contrast to his election pledge to run a clean and civilized administration."

Oh please.

This from a paper which just a few days ago suggested the recent announced tax cuts would destroy civilization as we know it.

And where was the Star's sense of civility in the last two federal elections, the ones in which the Liberals unleashed some of the most vicious attack ads in Canadian history? Seems like the Star editorial writers only disapproves of negative ads when they target their friends.

And as far as nasty personalities go, what about Jean Chretien? Chretien was the most mean-spirited, vindictive Prime Ministers ever to reside at 24 Sussex Dr.

Just ask Paul Martin.

Did the Star ever complain about his personality?

Of course, here's what the Star is really worried about: the Tory attack ads are working.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... It's true.
... Mr. Chretien and Mr. Martin were both vicious, back-stabbing bullies- but it was never an issue.
... It only illustrates the complete desperation of the Left- ideologically empty, and therefore hoping to smear Mr. Harper's character.
... Personally, I think the attack ads are wrong. The Conservatives should use all their funds to teach and promote conservative values.

Raphael Alexander said...

I've become unenamoured with the Star of late as well. I do enjoy portions of it, but the editorial has crept into the news itself, and the leading of bias in articles is worse than ever.

Have a peek at my recent post on the Star at my blog if you have time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the left leaning media wouldn't be getting their shorts in such a knot unless the ads were working.

Perhaps Harper's read Kinsella's book because their ain't no one better at smoothing the edges off an attack ad than Warren Kinsella...just ask John Tory.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- theoretically, I don't like attack ads, but then, that reality thing always creeps in.

The politics of polarization are here to say, I am afraid.

Ask Hillary Clinton.

PS. Why isn't anyone making real noise of the fact that we are still voluntarily being gouged by Canadian retailers since the dollar has sky-rocketed.

Sure, I'll continue to prop up the Ontario and Quebec manufacturing sector for the sake of paying 40-50% more.

zolton said...

Iain, The last election the conservatives ran on a platform that sounded more like A socialists platform. Same thing happened in Sask.
The conservatives are just better at manipulating emotion rather then convincing you with an argument. That have very little values or morals because the dominating hegemonic power to a conservative is money. The pursuit of money doesn't allow you to have intelligence or morals. Harper will soon have been in power for 2 years and all he and his party can say is "the liberal did or didn't do it."
What a joke! Just like conservative members of parliament! Lemmings the whole lot of them!