Monday, August 27, 2007

Legal Conference

This October the Canadian Constitution Foundation is holding what sounds like a fascinating law conference in Toronto.

The conference, which brings together students, lawyers and judges, will examine the state of freedom in Canada today.

Topics include: What is freedom?; The state of free expression; Freedom and security; Religious freedom; and the state of property rights.

One of the keynote speakers is Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I will appear on a panel to talk about election gag laws.

This should be an interesting event. Go here to learn more about it or here to register online.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation, by the way, is a wonderful group that is fighting for freedom through litigation.

Right now, for instance, the CCF is financially assisting two Canadians who are legally challenging the federal government's monopoly on health care.

That's a case to keep an eye on.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... Another good topic would be "Values and Freedom"... a discussion of where human nature has fallen when liberty has become merely an opportunity to accumulate- money, experiences, relationships, etc.- yet, indifferent to others.
... To succeed, "the pursuit of happiness" must be balanced with consideration and concern for others- a necessary appendix to the awesome contribution of Ayn Rand.

Matt said...

Gerry Nicholls and Andrew Coyne at one event? I'm there!

Ti-Guy said...

You keep calling the election spending laws "gag laws." Do you really think that distortion will some day become credible if you just keep making it?

In any case, the laws were really just a restriction on "wingnut welfare," and like all welfare, is something a conservative should oppose out of principle, n'est-ce pas?

Roy Eappen said...

I am going to be ther. See you there Gerry.