Monday, June 25, 2007

Vote None of the Above

I have come up with a fool proof plan to make myself Prime Minister.

All I need do is create a political party called "None of the Above" and I will be assured a majority government.

Hey, think I'm kidding?

Just check the polls -- none of the other parties has caught the public's fancy.

And here's why: The Conservatives are acting like Liberals; the Liberals are acting like New Democrats and the New Democrats are acting like . . . well they are acting like New Democrats.

It's all one big political mush.

So why not vote for "None of the Above?"

Hmm, sounds like a great campaign slogan.


NB taxpayer said...

You could be the independent candidate on the right. Hey, I'd vote for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am still seriously thinking about spoiling my ballot for the next Federal election --

I say we all write in "Gerry Nicholls" on our ballots all across the country as a protest.

Could Bill Casey and that other guy that Harper booted out also be in your party?

Anonymous said...

NB taxpayer:

I couldn't help notice that Canadian taxpayers will be funding Mr. Harper's and Mr. Graham's "great relationship" to the tune of $207 million Canadian taxpayers dollars.

Who would have thunk it? Road paving in Atlantic Canada as a political tool. Haven't seen that one in the last few decades!

Sit, New Brunswick, sit. Good dog!

Anonymous said...

Of course, Shawn Graham and Stephen Harper would have a "great relationship" since they are really both Liberals!

OK, I have almost got it out of my system for today!

Hoodwinked Everywhere said...

Great idea, but meanwhile...

How about publicly advocating for a "declined ballot" option for federal election voters, Gerry?

Steve said...

This idea reminds me of when Warren Kinsella was elected president of the Carleton University Student Association many years ago. His winning strategy was to make fun of student party politics by, get this, starting his own "No Name" party.

So just be careful Gerry. Any more clever ideas like this and you risk turning into Warren Kinsella.

Janet said...

Windsor-Tecumseh is getting a Marijuana Party candidate... you could come home to vote!

Now I just need to find someone worth voting for in Essex...

Anonymous said...

Ignore those last two comments, Gerry! Your idea is a good one.

Obviously, they are Civitas Society members who are afraid to face the truth.

Birnam Wood will be coming to "The New Government of Canada's" Dunsinane.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I did not mean to make that last post sound so freaky.

This is what I am talking about.

Bye bye, neocons! Don't try to pretend you weren't what we all knew you were all along.

Sorry, that doesn't make any sense, but neither did Leo Strauss.