Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bilingualism and Dion

Liberal leader Stephane Dion says if he forms the next government he will make bilingualism a priority.

Does that mean he is going to learn how to speak English?

Just asking.


Olaf said...


I have to say, I'm not normally a fan of your comedic stylings, but this one was definitely worth a laugh.

Did you hear his recent speech, where he was talking about something called "bareel of oil"? It was good.

Ace said...

Dion's English is not that bad and it won't be an issue in the next election. His problem is that he's a Liberal, so he spouts vapid nonsense in both official languages...not unlike his 2 predecessors.

As a point of comparison, Harper's French is more understandable but his accent is just as noticeable.

Wonder Woman said...

...because with all the things that need the government's attention, God knows bilingualism should be right up there!

I know I spend every day, wringing my hands, wondering how we will survive without it.