Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tories Turning a Deaf Ear

Here's an op-ed I wrote, which appears in today's Windsor Star.

Once again, I patiently try and explain to the Tory braintrust what they are doing wrong.

Hope they listen this time!


Anonymous said...

Right on, Gerry!

Conservatives in Nova Scotian would certainly support this article.

When are the Conservatives in the rest of the country going to wise up, and say, "Mr. Harper, put the kittens down, and step away from 24 Sussex Drive."

NB taxpayer said...

Excellent post, Gerry!!

I might add that keeping their overall word, scrapping useless regional development schemes [i.e. ACOA] and getting rid of the gun registry would have been nice to see as well.

Let's hope they take your advice.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they just don't listen.

They pick unnecessary fights, and then they simply try to crush any opposition as they are trying to crush their fellow Conservatives in Atlantic Canada.

This government is just plain bizarre -- it is not a Conservative government.