Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Less Green in your Wallet

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has come up with way to save the planet: higher taxes.

May says her party supports imposing a 12 cent per litre tax on gasoline.

Her theory seems to be that poorer people pollute less than rich people, so she sees it as government's duty to make everybody poorer.

Not exactly a great political rallying cry.

And since May is more or less also a Liberal candidate, I wonder if this is part of Stephane Dion's "hidden agenda"?


Unknown said...

You have to give May credit, at least, for being honest. If we were going to try to meet Kyoto targets like she thinks we should, this is the kind of thing we'd need to be doing.

The problem for May is the other political parties and most Canadians aren't willing to pay that kind of a price... says something about the market value of people's real level of concern over global warning.

Anonymous said...

No, her theory is the one discussed at length by Milton Friedman in Free to Choose. As one of the top 5 political minds in Canada, you should be aware of that.