Monday, December 12, 2005

Politics, Popcorn and Beer

Scott Reid’s infamous comment about popcorn and beer tells you everything you need to know about the Liberal Party mentality.

Simply put, the Liberals think Canadians are idiots.

We are too stupid to take care of our kids, hence the need for a state day care program.

We are too stupid to know how to spend our money, hence the refusal to give us any meaningful tax cuts.

We are too stupid to hear different political viewpoints, hence the need for an election gag law.

How long will it be, I wonder, before the Liberals think we are too stupid to vote?


william said...

In answer to the last question of your post:
If the liberals win this election, there won't be any more elections in Canada.!
At least, not this Canada...!!!

Ottawa Core said...

it may be they are beginning to fear that we have come to understand their wealth is based on an aggregate of payments into their system from us po'folk. if we get off the dole and become responsible their jobs of tending the chattel is lost.

Liberals are destroying Canada said...

I hope for the sake of the country, Ontario does not fail Canadians again and elect the liberal mafia again. What will it take Ontario !!!!

The disappointing maritimes suck up to the liberals, they've been getting hand-outs for decades, so they will continue to fail Canada as well.

Ontario has to decide if they will finally show the rest of Canada that theft and corruption will not be tolerated. Wasting of billions will not be tolerated, over-taxation will not be tolerated, etc. etc..

If Ontario votes back in the liberal crime syndicate, it will send a clear message that Ontario should be almost as reviled as separtists in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course the Liberals think that we're all stupid. Given how the past few elections have turned out, can you really blame them?

Anonymous said...

People back east tend to vote for thier MP and not so much as a Party