Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hardly a Gun Ban

The media is misleading Canadians about Prime Minister Paul Martin’s new gun policy.

The headline in the Toronto Star for instance says “PM vows `total’ handgun ban”.

But that’s not true.

Here’s what the text of the Star story says:

“Liberal sources say that the proposed ban, to be announced by Martin in Toronto, will be sweeping – only police and select security officers would be allowed to carry handguns.” (italics added)

It seems to me that a “total” ban on handguns would also include the police, security officers and heck even the army.

So when you come down to it, Martin is only offering a partial ban on handguns.

But why not a total ban? Why exempt the police? Why should they enjoy a special exemption denied to the rest of the citizenry? Aren’t all Canadians supposed to be equal before the law?

Of course, Martin’s supporters might say cops need to be armed in case they run into some pistol packing crook.

But doesn’t that argument undermine the whole premise of the handgun ban? I mean if a ban on handguns doesn’t make the police feel safe enough to patrol our streets unarmed, why are the rest of us supposed to feel safer?

By exempting the police Martin is essentially acknowledging that his gun ban won’t disarm criminals. It’s a policy that just won’t work.

And by that I mean it won’t work when it comes to stopping crime, but it might work when it comes to winning votes – which is all that matters to the Liberals.


Anonymous said...

Right on, Gerry!

Dare I assume we'll all hear your logical comments being publicly and loudly repeated, word for word, by every CPC candidate shortly?

Anonymous said...

The MsM are as corrupt as liberals..
All wednesday morning I watched the news on CTV..newsnet...
The announcer spent the entire morning trying to create a story where there was none.
Where is the MsM on this...
I have yet to see any real news coverage of the Ralph Goodale stock market leaks,

How convenient that phony airplane crash turned out be...!!!!

The federal Liberals are liars and thieves and will do and say anything to stay in power.. Including faking a story of a plane crash to divert attention away from the latest Liberal scam...!!!

Anonymous said...

put Peter Kent on the job. he is the conservative candidate for St Paul’s (ON) and co-chair for Uniting Toronto Against Guns.

Anonymous said...

Check out this Liberal Interview gone bad...
The people speak...!!

gotta love it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you a law abiding citizen...?
Do you legally own a handgun............?

Well it's YOUR fault that blacks are shooting blacks in toronto..!!

You the legal hand gun owner are the real criminals..!!

[b]You Will be punished..!![/b]

Paul Martin says so.....!!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice day ........!!!!!!!!!!

... LoL ...

Anonymous said...

Ban people from driving too. That will save a lot of lives. How many people die in car accidents every day?? and how many are killed by legal registered guns?? Instead of fighting real crime liberals hasseling law abiding citizens. Criminals get off real easy i.e. house arrest, early parole so they continue to commit crime and rape and kill while sporting firearms community has to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

We keep edging closer and closer to extreme socialism. Hmmm! what can we ban next to piss off the freedom lovers and snuggle up to the criminal element that we more closely relate to? say the Liberals. How about Victoria Secret, after all no one should have that much fun screwing someone else unless they are a Liberal.