Monday, December 05, 2005

Buzz's Ploy

I have been thinking over the weekend as to why a union boss like Buzz Hargrove would endorse the Liberal Party. After all, isn’t the NDP supposed to be the voice of the working man?

Came up with three possible reasons:

Buzz is sending a message to the NDP brass that he doesn’t want to be taken for granted.

Buzz believes Prime Minister Paul Martin is a closet socialist.

Buzz wants to be ambassador to Denmark one day.

It remains to be seen, of course, if Hargrove’s endorsement will actually help the Liberal Party.

Unionized workers are notorious for ignoring the advice of union bosses when it comes to voting and other voters might actually get turned off by Hargrove’s seal of approval.

Mind you, at this stage of the game, the Liberals will likely take anybody’s help.

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Miles Lunn said...

I think Buzz Hargrove was misinterpreted. He still supports the NDP, but knows they have no chance at forming government so when faced with a choice between the Liberals and the Conservatives, he would clearly prefer the Liberals.