Friday, December 02, 2005

Health Care Will Be Fixed Somehow

Stephen Harper announced his health care plan today.

He is going to reduce medical waiting lists --- somehow.

This is pretty much the same as Paul Martin’s plan, which also promises to reduce waiting lists --- somehow.

Of course, neither man sees a role for the private sector in our socialist health care system.

And until they do see a role for the private sector, sick and dying Canadians will just have to get by --- somehow.

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Miles Lunn said...

Both parties may claim to be against private health care, but the reality is at least in Quebec we will see the development of a parallel private system due to the Supreme Court ruling. Once everybody sees it first hand in Quebec, I believe other provinces will follow and punishing them will become politically unpopular. While the Liberal Party is against a parallel private system, the Quebec Wing of the Liberal Party passed a resolution recently endorsing the right to purchase private health insurance.