Friday, February 27, 2009

Searching for Harper

Interesting article from Canadian Business magazine on "Harpernomics".

And yes, it quotes me.

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treb said...

Well,who in hell is to blame for this.The blackmailing opposition led by the vulgar,despicable,corrupt,cowardly liberals and their MSM supporters.And all the cowardly,people jumping on and off of the Conservative bandwagon are also to blame.And the FN idiots who refuse to give him a majority are idiots.So big deal you made some comments,stabbing him in the back.Your a hero.The opposition and MSM got the budget they wanted and cried for and now people like you are saying its a bad budget.Were past that FN stage of believing you anymore and you now fall into the Liberal category.If you can do better get the hell off your ass and get elected to PM.