Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tory Card

Got another letter from the federal Conservative Party of Canada.

Last time the party sent me a 2008 Harper Calendar; this time I received a "2008 Sustaining Donor Card."

This card, says the letter, is sent annually to recognize the Party's "key donors", which means
it doesn't take much to qualify as a "key donor" since I have not sent the Conservatives a dime this year.

Anyway, I am supposed to carry this card around with me as a reminder of the "critical role" I have played in "helping Prime Minister Harper and our Conservative Party."

Yeah right.

My wallet is already overflowing with cards -- credit card, debit card, library card, SIN card, Health Card, Air Miles card -- why should I stick in a Sustaining Donor Card?

Unless, of course, as a "Sustaining Donor" this card entitles me to discounts at stores, free passes into movie theatres and a special GST exemption.

I'll give it a try.


Wonder Woman said...

Good luck with that.

Maybe they sent it as an exercise in irony...

Miles Lunn said...

I've received the several letters from the Liberals asking for donations. I gave them a $50 donation this year and that is what they will get each year. If a party wishes to be successful it needs to rely on small donations from many, not large donations from a few.

Anonymous said...


I actually agree.

I think that you have played a "critical role" for President Harper... quite literally so.

And if you ask me, he has quite richly deserved it!