Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Burqa Stuff

My friend Rondi Adamson has good piece in the Brussels Journal on the burqa controversy.


Miles Lunn said...

I think the idea of allowing women to go in a separate room and show their face is quite reasonable. This idea that we somehow ask the immigrants to assimilate when those of us of European ancestry never bothered to assimilate with the First Nations who were here first is hypocricy in my view. In Europe, the story is different since the people there are indigenous to that area, but all of us who are not First Nations are either immigrants ourselves or descendants of immigrants. Therefore as a nation of immigrants, we should accept that the face of the nation will continue to evolve. After all, the first Europeans were the French, not the British, yet as the Loyalists and British came in large numbers Canada changed from a predominately French speaking country to predominately English speaking one and likewise other groups such as the Ukrainians, Italians, Portuguese, and more recently the Chinese and East Indians have all left their imprint and contributed greatly to our country.

zolton said...

There is no Burqa controversy!
Muslim women don't mind showing their face at the times of voting. All politicians want to change the Law, and elections Canada tells them "hey just change the law and we will implement it!

The only REAL controversy is that there is is that the conservative party misused election funds during the last federal election. The issue of Women wearing Burqa's is smoke and mirrors. That's why Harper started this whole BS over Burqa's, to undermine the position of the head of elections Canada.

I bet this won't make it on you're page their Gerry!